I’m Hilary Otey and I started Spring Consulting to help nonprofit organizations and their leaders respond well to ever-changing community needs, operational issues and funding challenges to ensure the sustainability of their missions . I have a passion for helping nonprofit leaders and employees find and remove obstacles to daily and long-term success. I have nearly 20 years of experience of on-the-ground nonprofit work from direct service through executive leadership and board service. I have seen a huge array of operational challenges and solutions from many angles and bring my expertise as well as creativity and care to client projects.

I have a BA in Sociology and Gender Studies from Merrimack College and and MBA in Public and Nonprofit Management from Boston University. I have expertise in:

  • cross-sector collaborations, partnership development and strategic alignment (from collaboration through merger) with both nonprofit and public sector entities
  • program design, development, management and evaluation
  • financial planning and management
  • executive leadership- including team/culture development, operations/systems planning, and strategic planning and oversight with boards of directors

I understand nonprofit work and how the day to day relates to bigger picture mission. I have navigated the logistically challenging and often emotionally- charged barriers to change and success. I know the common limitations and strengths of nonprofit organizational cultures and how to use them to benefit the staff and create sustainable mission fulfillment.

Here is my Resume

My Approach

Building a strong and sustainable organization starts with a skilled team and aligned values. Strong interpersonal and inter-organizational relationships are about being open, sharing ideas, listening, considering new or different options and finding common ground to build upon. I will listen carefully and ask pertinent questions to get to the heart of what is needed. I will not prescribe standard solutions but work with you to explore the unique circumstances your organization is working with and support your vision for your future.

I am comfortable with the ambiguity that comes during times of transition. I enjoy partnering with nonprofit leaders through complicated and seemingly overwhelming situations to find clarity, focus and a plan forward that will work. Conversations and interactions around change are hard. I can help you with these challenging logistics, conversations and emotions to ensure you, your team and your organization are as strong and healthy as possible.

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