I know what it is like to lead a nonprofit organization or community-based effort during uncertain or tumultuous times. I can help you distill messy situations or simplify complicated issues to get to clarity and create a sustainable plan to move forward. I offer Leadership and Transition Coaching, Partnership and Organizational Development Planning and Interim Executive Leadership services.

Leadership and Transition Coaching

Executive leaders and board members in the social sector often need a brainstorming or planning partner but don’t always have that person on the team or they need a different level of expertise or confidentiality. I can help you:

  • Develop or assess options for organizational growth or change
  • Turn strategic ideas into practical action plans
  • Plan for organizational sustainability- financial, operational and cultural
  • Increase your confidence in managing conflict, building consensus, supporting your team or having difficult conversations
  • Create or restore a functioning team with a culture based on your organization’s values

Partnership and Organizational Development Planning

Collaboration and flexibility are critical to developing and providing programming that meet the needs of ever-changing political environments, funder expectations and resource availability. I can help you:

  • Evaluate program and organizational strengths and support exploration of different operations or program designs
  • Provide internal and external options for strengths-based capacity building; including development of new partnerships to improve outcomes or build efficiency
  • Gather feedback and conduct research on options for growth, innovative program design or reorganization
  • Create and support implementation of partnership development plan from beginning partner search through negotiating details and establishment of final agreement
  • Support communications plans and efforts during transition time

Interim Executive Leadership

Short or long term absences of strong leadership can impact an organization’s culture and mission outcomes. I can ensure your transition is smooth and support the operations of the organization to ensure sustainability. I can help you:

  • Provide short term (3-6 month) leadership during the absence of an executive level leader
  • Support staff and boards with transition or long-term succession planning
  • Provide a new perspective on organizational strengths and possible areas for growth or development
  • Evaluate and implement changes needed for organizational strength to ensure returning or new leader’s transition is smooth
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